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Essays & Op-Eds

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“A draft congressional map lays out one future for Texas. But there is a better path,” Washington Post, (co-authored with J. Todd Moye), September 28, 2021,

“If They Care About Equity, Fort Worth Schools Must Extend Virtual Learning,” Fort Worth Weekly, September 22, 2020,

“Tarrant sheriff needs to give straight story on immigration program’s costs, drawbacks,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, June 17, 2019,

“Race, Democracy, and Civic Engagement in U.S. History,” Take Care blog symposium (invited), published by Protect Democracy, December 6, 2018,

“The Texas Senate Race Is Not ‘Historic,’” Los Angeles Review of Books, November 4,  2018,

“Protesters, the council and the many meanings of racism,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, August 18, 2017,

“Texas Democrats must get back to their progressive roots,” TribTalk (Texas Tribune), November 21, 2016,

“History’s Lessons Show Obama is the Better Choice,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 21, 2012 (published as official response to paper’s endorsement of Romney), republished on History News Network

“Promoting Unions and Recovery,” Raleigh News & Observer, March 4, 2009 (co-authored with Robert Korstad).


Television and Radio Appearances

Kristen Cabrera, “‘Civil Rights in Black and Brown:’ New book examines Texas’ overlooked activists,” Texas Standard (National Public Radio), November 9, 2021,

William Joy, “What is critical race theory? North Texas professors explain the highly debated topic,” WFAA 8 ABC, June 21, 2021,

Thomas Harms, “Mémoire et réparations de l’esclavage, éternels défis pour le Texas [Memory and reparations of slavery: the eternal challenges for Texas],” Radio France Internacionale, June 18, 2021, [English translation:]

Miranda Suarez, “May 1 Election Will Bring Political Change To Fort Worth For The First Time In Years,” KERA News, April 26, 2021,

Stella M. Chávez, “Empowered And Emboldened, Today’s Protesters Aim To Further Push For Equality Started In 1960s,” KERA News, August 11, 2020,

Hady Mawajdeh, “How Growing Diversity In North Texas May Have Shaped The El Paso Walmart Shooting Suspect,” WAMU 88.5 American University Radio, August 3, 2020, (first aired on KERA)

The WorldStella M. Chávez, “Black Lives Matter protests are shaking up how this young Latino voter views US politics,” The World (Public Radio International), July 1, 2020,

Joy Diaz, Michael Marks, and Shelly Brisbin, “This Year’s Midterm Gains For Liberals Mirror An Earlier Time In Texas Politics,” Texas Standard (National Public Radio), November 12, 2019,

Joy Diaz, “Fort Worth ISD Taps TCU Researchers for Help with Latino History Curriculum,” Texas Standard (statewide radio show on NPR network), September 18, 2018,

“Blue Texas,” C-SPAN Cities Tour, April 9, 2018,

Christopher Connelly, “TCU Aims To Draw Students Of Color, Build ‘Cultural Competence’ In New Program,” KERA News, January 3, 2018, Reprinted in the Texas Standard (Jan. 4), Texas Tribune (Jan. 4), and Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Jan. 5, 4A).

Justin Martin, “Chronicling Texas’ Civil Rights Struggle Through Oral Histories,” KERA News, November 30, 2016,

Joy Diaz, “Here’s Why the Voices Caught Between the Black/White Binary Aren’t in American History Books,” Texas Standard (National Public Radio), August 12, 2016,

Rhonda Fanning, “How Hillary Clinton Found a Mentor in a Texas Labor Organizer,” Texas Standard (National Public Radio), July 28, 2016,

Blue Texas book talk at Sal Castro Memorial Conference on the Emerging Historiography of the Chicano Movement, University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, February 26, 2016, C-SPAN (my segment begins at 33:41)

Karen Grigsby Bates, “Mexican-American Vets Ignited Kennedy’s Latino Support,” Morning Edition, National Public Radio, November 21, 2013. Available online:


Newspaper Coverage & Appearances

Edward Brown, “Clinging to Power,” Fort Worth Weekly, January 12,  2022,

Edward Brown, “Juneteenth Jubilation,” Fort Worth Weekly, June 23,  2021,

Kaley Johnson, “Critical race theory bill is solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, Fort Worth supt. says,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 29, 2021,

Sharon Grigsby, “Aledo ninth-graders’ ‘slave auction’ of Black classmates should be a wake-up call to all white parents,” Dallas Morning News, April 16, 2021,

Zayna Syed, “Black-owned bookstore in Fort Worth calls recent months of activism ‘The Great Awakening,’” Dallas Morning News, August 4, 2020,

Diane Smith, “There is a national push for Latino studies. Fort Worth schools are leading the way,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, September 19, 2018,

Hanaa’ Tameez, “Pauline Gasca Valenciano, a legacy of activism and public service in Fort Worth,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, June 15, 2018,

Tasneem Raja, “After Trump, East Texas Progressives Are ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork,’” Texas Observer, April 5, 2017, (originally printed in Tyler Loop)

Diane Smith, “Fort Worth’s Opal Lee has step-by-step plan to highlight Juneteenth,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, August 31, 2016,

Mercedes Olivera, “Oral history project to preserve stories of Latinos in Fort Worth,” Dallas Morning News, September 26, 2015,

Ronnie Dugger, “Lawrence Goodwyn, A Man of Words and Ideals,” Texas Observer, November 7, 2013,

William Yardley, “Lawrence Goodwyn, Historian of Populism, Dies at 85,” New York Times, October 4, 2013,

Jesse Washington, “Fears over Zimmerman Verdict Riots Prove Overblown,” Associated Press, July 24, 2013, reprinted at (ran on the national wire in more than 200 outlets)