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This page was created as part of my “Introduction to Oral History” course at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies in the spring of 2011.  Nine undergraduate students worked in three small groups to develop their own mini-projects related to community organizing.  They chose their areas of specialization, contacted activists past and present, arranged and conducted interviews, logged and transcribed their data, and finally interpreted and presented their findings.  They produced websites with their own analyses as well as audio and video interview clips and scanned images of related photographs and documents.  They presented their final sites at a community dinner at which the narrators and other project participants were the honored guests.  Please click on the three links below to view the students’ final project websites.

Community Organizers in Their Own Words

Three Oral History Projects

Feminisms in the 1970s Triangle

Environmental Injustice in North Carolina

Attica Brother, Activist, and Educator: The Life of Jomo Davis

Working in three small groups, students in the “Introduction to Oral History” class have spent the semester hitting the pavement to learn about community organizing—by going out and talking to the activists themselves.

The students are now creating websites that showcase their findings, featuring audio and video clips from their interviews as well as photographs and documents.

They will present their sites at a community dinner on April 29. The activists who they interviewed will then respond and offer their own comments.

Click the project titles below to see the students’ websites.

Friday, April 29 6:00-8:00pm

CDS Auditorium (Bridges Building 007)
1317 W. Pettigrew St, Durham, NC 27705
(Across the street and up the stairs from the Smith Warehouse)

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