Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project

Great write-up on the CRBB Oral History Project! Thanks to IDCL TX!

Part II of a series investigating projects that document religious and cultural diversity across the country.

By Lauren Horn Griffin


As we prepare to launch our own research project mapping and documenting the cultural diversity of Texas, we want to give our readers an idea of the types of initiatives from across the country that examine religion and culture in the public sphere. Each of these projects, like the IDCL, are working to provide resources that will further conversations about the challenges and possibilities of diversity in the U.S. We will be posting a series of blogs profiling a variety of projects that are dedicated to improving understandings of religious diversity.

Based at Texas Christian University, the Civil Rights in Black and Brown Oral History Project conducts interviews communicating the experiences of black and brown people in Texas from the onset of the civil rights era. Detailing the role of…

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