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I am an assistant professor in the Department of History & Geography at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.  My research and teaching sit at the intersection of modern U.S., African American, Chicano/a-Latino/a, and labor histories–and their present-day ramifications. A native of Reno, Nevada, I attended UC-Santa Cruz and received my M.A. and Ph.D. at Duke University.  My current book project follows a diverse group of ordinary people as they built multiracial political, civil rights, and labor coalitions in mid-twentieth century Texas.  I am also the director of Civil Rights in Black and Brown: Oral Histories of the Multiracial Freedom Struggle in Texas, a collaborative scholarly research project and free digital humanities website that allows users to easily search for short video clips on specific subjects across the entire collection.

This site combines the standard professional information with a twitter feed and blog on current events, recent research activities, and other musings or links related to my scholarly, teaching, and community interests.  Please see the bio page for more about me, or the welcome post for more info on this site.

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